Using VMware Horizon View

VMwareRecently I’ve been using VMware Horizon view with a Windows 8 Pro setup and Office 2013. I have to say I’m more than impressed with the technology and how it allows me to use my desktop on any device.

VMware have obviously dominated the Server Virtualisation market for some time now, but they appear to have applied their skills to the world of VDI. As an IT consultant, it’s my job to tell my customers of new technologies and help them align IT with their business strategy. Horizon View seems to ticket all the boxes in my opinion and the benefits to my clients have already begun to be appreciated and I’m currently implementing several solutions.

The key to VDI is identifying the pain points of a client’s setup especially around the end users. This is a risky solution sell as you have to make sure you get it right, otherwise you have grumpy end users which is never good for relationships with customers! But if you do get it right, the end users are thrilled to be able to get their desktop, with all their custom changes and apps on any device. We have people using laptops, tablets, internet cafes, spare laptops when their one is broken. The feedback has only been positive and it really shows that technology can make a huge difference to the productivity of a workforce.

I for one am promoting VMware Horizon View to all my clients and whether they implement it now, or build it into their technology roadmap, I feel confident that they will be more than impressed, and reap the rewards.

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