VDI isn’t just the future, it’s already here

More and more I speak with clients who are replacing desktops and laptops, buying a copy of Office and just replacing like for like (with newer versions) for the end user, but ask me should they be looking at a different way of doing things.

Buying hardware with Windows and Office installed is a method which has been used as long as I’ve been in IT (since 1998), so it’s only natural that people are starting to wonder what the next generation has to offer.

The answer quite simply is VDI. Never before have I seen a desktop related technology that answers questions asked about future-proofing, security, mobility and rich end user experience.

So what is VDI?
Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) is a server based technology delivering a single desktop experience for a user on virtually any device. What this means is you can configure your desktops for users at server level, and then access that desktop from a PC, laptop, tablet, internet café, someone else’s computer and even smart phones.

What are the benefits?
There are a number of benefits that come with a VDI solution, I see them as split into two categories which I’ve tried to outline below. The benefits actually complement each other but it’s good to point them out, especially as you may be presenting this to different audiences:

Benefits for an IT Manager

  • Supports BYOD (Bring your own device)
  • Security is increased through centralised data storage
  • Quickly deploy policies and security updates
  • Centralise management of applications and data
  • Tick various boxes when it comes to compliance

Benefits for an End User

  • Access your desktop from virtually any device, laptop, and tablet
  • Works over 3G
  • Can even be used just in a web browser
  • End user continuity is achieved by not being    tied to specific hardware
  • Can be taken “offline” for use in areas with no internet (e.g. flights)

Invest In the Future of IT 

The future of End User Computing lies with investment in new technology, to pave the way forward for a resilient, highly available and easy to manage infrastructure. The simple goal of delivering a single desktop experience across a multitude of devices and platforms can be easily achieved using VDI and by partnering with someone like Mirus to deliver this solution.  Moving away from procuring expensive end user hardware is something many organisations are now practicing, instead they are investing in server technology to simplify & secure the infrastructure and deliver a feature rich end user experience. Accessing your desktop profile from almost any device will increase productivity and communication with your organisation. With VDI, gone are the days where a user cannot work or retrieve files because their laptop or desktop has developed a hardware fault. Users can log into another desktop, internet browser or tablet device and continue working where they left off.

Implementing a VDI solution will utilise your existing desktops and laptops, turning them into thin client machines, thus meaning the user isn’t reliant on the physical device. Mirus are VMware specialists (Enterprise Partner) having achieved a large accolade of qualifications and accreditations, making us the perfect partner of choice to design, deliver and support a VDI solution.

vdi network

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