Cloud Storage – JustCloud Trial

It seems these days that there are a number of cloud storage providers. The question is, what is the difference between them all, and why should you go for one and not the other?

Personally I’ve used a few in the past couple of years including DropBox, SkyDrive, and LiveDrive. Overall, people like DropBox seemed to have the best known brand but more and more these days I see new companies offering what seems to be an unbeatable deal.

Currently I use SkyDrive mainly as Microsoft gave me 25GB for having a Hotmail account for so many years, this has proved really useful and I cant fault the product at all. It works on PC and Mac really well, and I can access it on mobile devices etc. My only problem now is that I’m reaching the limit of 25GB and I’ve started having a look around. I looked at extending SkyDrive or even using DropBox, but then my attention was drawn to a few others that seem to be heading the comparison charts on several websites.

Having trialed LiveDrive before, that one looked like a contender, but then a few websites mentioned JustCloud. It seemed to have great reviews and the price is very good indeed.

I found this comparison seemed to be quite good below, and a few sites were naming JustCloud as the best at the moment.


It’s interesting to see that some of the big names in cloud are not on some of these more recent comparison charts. I think the key factor now is how much storage they can offer for the money. As the UK’s internet eventually gets faster, with the likes of BT infinity gradually being installed everywhere, cloud storage will only getter better and cheaper in my opinion. Once people can easily upload hundreds of GB of data, they’ll stop using USB drives etc and just go straight to the cloud. People like DropBox and SkyDrive will have to keep up otherwise people will just move away like I am doing, and all for a few pounds per month.

So I have decided to give JustCloud a go, running a trial but also looking to upload all my content which includes photos, videos, documents, software etc. and is nearly 1TB in space. Once uploaded I will give it some time and if it goes well will likely subscribe to their package.

So I will report back in a few weeks with my progress and if this product is any good.

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