Photoshop Tips & Hints – Layer Thumbnails & Bounds

Being a self taught person in Photoshop, I use the program to great affect but probably miss a lot of the shortcuts and tips that make things a bit easier. One thing I found really useful and may be new to some of you who are just getting to know the software, is the Layer Bounds function in the Layer Panel.

What I mean by this is that by default, Photoshop shows your layers in the panel on the right but some very small layers are hard to see or identify and will often look like this:


As you can see it’s really hard to tell which layer is which as they are so zoomed out. What you need to do is click the 3 little lines in the top right of the layers window like this:


From this a drop down will appear and you can select Panel Options seen here:


Within Panel Options you will see immediately you can change the size of the thumbnails, and more importantly you can select Layer Bounds. (By default it’s set to Entire Document, which gives the thumbnails that annoying zoomed out effect). The menu will look like this:


Once selected Layer Bounds, click ok and then it will go back to your document, which is when you will now notice that the layer window thumbnails now actually have zoomed in to the object and only shows that layer to it’s bounds, meaning when you have lots of layers, you can identify them much quicker by sight, thus reducing your overall editing time and allowing you to breeze through simple layer adjustments.


It certainly has given me a quicker way of using Photoshop and these little hints and tips really do make a difference.

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