The Swanbourne Endeavour: Harry’s Rainbow

Recently I completed the Swanbourne Endeavour with my work friends in order to raise money for Harry’s Rainbow, a local charity in Milton Keynes.

The Swanbourne Endeavour is an annual event held at Swanbourne School which sets off into the countryside for a 10km run with obstacles, swamps, rivers and bogs to tackle. Not to mention tunnels, pipes, barb wire crawl throughs and the new addition this year or electrocuted wire crawl through (ouch!).

To make things a bit different and add a comedy element to the run, I posted online that if I got £100.00 sponsorship I would wear a Batman costume for the event. Sure enough I got the £100.00 and then my good friend Rob Goddard said if I got £200.00 he would wear a Robin outfit. This was also reached and we were set to run as the dynamic duo.

Some photos are below but I also wanted to mention the charity and there was a real reason to raise money for them. I raised £220.00 in 5 days.

Taken from their website

Harry’s Rainbow Charitable Trust

The Charity was created in memory of our son Harry, who died suddenly and unexpectedly in March 2009.

In particular:
a) By providing support and advice.
b) By providing recreational and leisure activities to children and young people in order to improve their quality of life and reduce the isolation felt during bereavement by facilitating contact with other children and young people.
c) By raising public awareness of the need for support and guidance and providing information about coping with bereavement.
Our objectives will primarily focus on beneficiaries in the Milton Keynes area; but are not solely restricted to that area.

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