Creating Circular Shaped Text in Photoshop

My next little tip is to show how to create a circular shaped piece of text using a shape as a guide. Once mastered, you can apply this technique to different shapes and paths, you’ll see what I mean below.

1. Select the Ellipse tool from the toolbar on the left.


2. Draw your shape holding down the shift key when you draw it (this will enable a perfect and even aspect ratio). Alternatively you can use the oval shape if thats the shape you want!


3. Once you have your shape drawn, select the text function from the toolbar on the left.


4. Once selected, hover the mouse towards the top of the circle until you see it change to the vertical type cursor with a wavy line through it. Then click.


5. Start to type your text, making sure the font and size is what you need (it can appear very small so check this).


6. Now you can hide the circle layer in the menu which normally sits on the right hand side of the screen, leaving just your desired text and it’s shaped path (click on the eye icon).


7. Now you can rotate your text by right clicking and selecting Free Transform Path (with the selector tool active on the main left toolbar)


8. Rotate your image to the desired angle, this may not matter if you are simply printing it onto labels etc but you get the idea.


So that’s this quick lesson over, if you need any help let me know!

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