Upgrading to Premium Wordpress Blog – Conclusion

So after waiting a couple of days, it seems that the image issue I was having has gone away. My thoughts seem to point towards the upgrade to premium and images being move to another server. Either it took a while to populate on the site with the new server location, or something else. It’s still not really clear but it seems to have come about just after the upgrade.

Since then it all seems to work apart from my header PNG image. When I checked my blog on another machine that wasn’t logged into WordPress and had no cache or cookies for my site, the screen didn’t actually show anything, not even text. I still can’t workout where the bug is, but then I don’t really understand code so it’s still a mystery. All i can do is update the header and that seems to have triggered a fix because it’s now working again.

I would welcome any comments on what my blog looks like to the outside world, on desktops, laptops or mobile devices.

All quite interesting and a learning experience, if not a little frustrating at times! But it’s satisfying to play with it and then suddenly a fix appears! I suppose that’s the point of WordPress blogs being so open for users to tinker with.

2 responses to “Upgrading to Premium Wordpress Blog – Conclusion

  1. The horizontal blue bar going across the background about halfway down the page seems a little odd to me, but it doesn’t move when I scroll so I assume it’s just the background. I’m viewing your blog on a tablet. I was browsing for people who upgraded to wordpress premium because I’m actually considering it myself. It seems like most people who do are blogging in a way to make money (free products to review, selling something in some way, etc.). Mine is more of a personal blog, though not about my life so much as promoting issues and topics I’m passionate about.


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